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First Appointment

Your first appointment begins with a discussion about your present symptoms, medical case history and treatment goals. Movement and postural examinations will then be carried out to look at how your spine and joints move together. Then the Osteopath will carefully feel the tone of your muscles and examine the joints of your body.

This examination helps to diagnose and so develop a plan of how to treat you most effectively. You can be assured that time will be taken to explain what is going on and the aims of treatment will be discussed with you. Your treatment plan is unique to you and is geared to what will be of most help. Safe gentle manual techniques are used, which most people find relaxing.

Following the treatment, you will be shown simple exercises or movements for you to do at home, to maximise the benefits of treatment. On-going treatment plans or referrals will be discussed with you. Typical treatment plans are 4 to 6 appointments although this varies with diagnosis and how you respond to treatment.



A classical osteopathy approach is used with most patients which involves the "Total Body Adjustment". The treatment is unique to each patient and their needs. But generally speaking, the whole spine and pelvic joints are treated together using gentle adjustments. The pelvis is seen as the foundation and the aim is to get this to sit well and helps the spine to sit more easily on top. To make the treatment most effective it is important to let your muscles fully relax.

What to Wear

Due to analysis of your spine and the extensive movements during treatment, you may need to partially undress, possibly to your underwear. Please wear what you feel comfortable in, supportive underwear, shorts, loose fitting trousers or cotton leggings and a vest top if you wish. But please ensure your clothing allows free movement of your hips. Be assured that your modesty will always be respected.

Following Treatment

To get maximum benefits from each treatment, it is highly recommended to avoid strenuous activity for the day before and after treatment. After treatment your joints will be moving differently so it takes a bit of time for your body and muscles to get used to it.

Many patients will feel tired after treatment. Some people can feel sore after treatment, which may last 1 or 2 days. It is usually the sort of achey feeling you get after being at the gym. Everyone is different so sometimes discomfort can last longer, if you have any concerns please phone.